people_watchingAll Adult Bible Communities meet regularly on Sunday morning and take part in a variety of activities outside of their Sunday morning classes. For class times, see the list at the left.

Building on the tradition of Sunday School, Adult Bible Communities provide a place to belong as Christian fellowship is established upon biblical instruction. While we believe that corporate worship should be a priority for all believers, we also know that people desire to belong to a smaller group in which they can grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its application to everyday life. These groups are broadly based on age, stage in life, or shared commitments.


Berean Bible

Berean Bible • Room 206 • 9:35 am Berean Bible is a community of friendly people studying God's Word and relating it to current events and our daily lives. This class is devoted to Bible study in the tradition of long-time teacher, Mrs. Lucile Sugden. All ages welcome. Leader: Fred Nose Teacher: Fred Nose and Steve Hammond


Journey • Room 201 • 9:35 am Journey is a ministry for post-college and career adults, early twenties through mid-thirties. We are a community seeking to glorify the name of Christ as we experience fellowship together and engage with the world around us through service projects and outreach activities. Teacher: Keith Sova Current Study: Deuteronomy


Kainos • Room 205 • 9:35 am Kainos is a community which seeks to live out "a fresh expression of an ancient faith." Diverse in age and marital status, we are bound by our unified commitment to sound teaching, true community, and active service. Leader: Ben Cuthbert Teacher: Ben Cuthbert

Christian Families

Christian Families • Room 111 • 9:40 am Christian Families is a diverse group of people spanning multiple ages (singles and couples). The format of this class involves teaching, with discussion and interaction from the class. Studies include an Old or New Testament book with emphasis on application for growth in Godly living. Leader: John Craig Teachers: Dean Mathis, John Craig, Stan Smith

Friendly Bible

Friendly Bible • Fireside Room • 11:00 am Friendly Bible is traditional in lecture style with opportunities to ask questions. This is a class with many members of the Senior Adult group. Leader: Al Sundberg Teacher: Al Sundberg & Sam Telloyan

God's Potpourri

God's Potpourri • Room 204 • 11:00 am God's Potpourri is a class for women of all ages who are single or spiritually single and have a desire to study and discuss God's Word. On-going Bible studies are the heart of this class. We enjoy great fellowship inside and outside the classroom. Leader: Carol Senard Teacher: Carol Senard


Homebuilders • Room 111 • 11:00 am The Homebuilders class enjoys great fellowship with monthly get-togethers. Each Sunday we come together for the study of God's Word through lecture and discussion. This is a community of "empty-nesters" who are pre-retired and retired. Leader: Ray Snyder Teacher: Jack Brown

Search the Scriptures

Search the Scriptures • Room 201 • 11:00 am In Search the Scriptures our focus is an expositional study of God's Word, with practical applications combined with warm fellowship and friendships. This community is open to all ages, for both singles and married couples. Leader: Tim Daugherty Teachers: Jake Allen & Tim Daugherty

Adult Bible Community

ABC Teachers     Bible Reading Plans
  1. Through Selected Books of the Bible: Explore—a guided daily reading plan.
  2. Through the New Testament
    1. In One Year
    2. In Six Months
  3. Through the Whole Bible
    1. In Two Years
    2. Discipleship Journal 25 Days/Month
    3. Chronologically
    4. In One Year
While you’re at it, check out for all sorts of great videos, resources, and free stuff to help you as you resolve to read the Bible more regularly.
new_horizons_doug_teachingNew_Horizons_Logo_2013 Room 202 • 9:35 am New Horizons is a life-related Bible study. Active class participation and great fellowship are key elements of this class. This is a multi-generational class of adults, which includes singles, parents of middle school children to college age students and retirees. Our class session begins with prayer for needs in our community and Pastor Phillips joins us for the teaching time. Leader: Ed Symanzik Teacher: Doug Phillips Please note that you will need to fast forward to the point where the teaching starts.